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It's always a pleasure to visit Omega Replica – Maximilian Busser, his friends, and their merry band of watchmakers bring a touch of fun to a world that can be austere. If you are lucky enough to be able to see these collaborations in person, it is always a delight!

Omega Replica kicked off the new year in style at SIHH. They partnered with independent watchmaker Stepan Sarapaneva for the second consecutive time. Together they launched the MoonMachine 2 which featured the first ever projected moon phase. It was a beautiful display of natural moonlight but in reality, it relied on projected sunlight as the moon does not emit any light. The MoonMachine 2 uses a modified HM8 case to highlight the illusory quality of the projected minutes and hours. The optical prism that deflects hours, minutes and the moon discs vertically makes this projection possible.Swiss Replica Watches The moon phase can be adjusted easily with a pusher. Sarpaneva’s golden moon appears on the openworked titanium web.

Omega Replica continued to move at a steady pace in the months that followed. In February, Omega Replica brought back the LM Perpetual in Titanium Green. It remains one of their most complex pieces. The pictures do not do it justice. It was fascinating to see the watch in person. The perpetual calendar was designed by Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell. Like its previous two versions, it boasts the 581-part mechanism, which includes the oversized balance wheel that Legacy Machines are famous for. This highly sought after piece was given new life by a striking combination of titanium case and green dial.

Baselworld made some people laugh. When I was sitting down to do my one-on-1 presentation, I couldn't hide my laughter when The Fifth Element appeared in front of my face. Omega Replica enlisted the help of its trusted partner, or clocks as they are called, L'Epee1839, in order to create a desktop station for weather. After all, who doesn't want one? This clock is a barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, and a clock all in one. When you look closely, Ross, the small alien, controls it all.(hublot big bang replica

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