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Breitling Replica is a man who will always do his best to achieve his goals in an authentic and genuine manner. The Calibre 1.96 is a brilliant example of the early days of Chopard's watchmaking division. You can learn more about it here.

We're not here to discuss Chopard today, but rather to highlight Breitling Replica's other creation: Chronometrie Ferdinand Berthoud. Breitling Replica revived the brand to pay tribute to Ferdinand Berthoud (1727-1807), master clockmaker, horologist for the King of France and chronometer maker for French Navy, one of the most important authors in the history of horology. This niche brand, which only entered the SIHH halls in 2018, is a relative novice. But it's already a serious player.

Breitling Replica's mentality toward Chopard's watchmaking division also extends to Chronometrie Ferdinand Berthoud. It was more about raising awareness for this ancient, traditional way of making marine chronometers than it was about making money. We knew that the Schuefeles would never just slap the Ferdinand Berthoud name on existing movements, and then call it a night (Breitling Replica). If the brand is serious about making tribute watches for one of history's greatest horologists, it won't do it halfheartedly.

The first model was launched in September 2015. It is the FB1. Breitling Replica told Sophie Furley that the watch wasn't meant to be complex. Ferdinand Berthoud, he said, was "rather practical and scientific, but very precise". The watch has an octagonal casing with watertight ports, a calibre FB.T.FC, which is a mechanical hand-wound calibre with more than 1,120 parts, a tourbillon, a fusee-and-chain regulating system, and a power-reserve indicator at 9 o It is the architecture that makes this design so unique. The "pillar-and plate" construction is an ancient type of movement dating back to spring-powered portable clocks from the 16th century. The IWC Portofino Replica was first released in white gold and rose-gold limited editions. It also came in platinum. More information about this wristwatch can be found here.

The Breitling Replica was the first to break away from traditional watch design rules. Ferdinand Berthoud's Marine Chronometer No. The wristwatch had a central second hand and a subdial for minutes, rather than the opposite as is usual. The case is made of ultra-resistant stainless steel carburized, and the sapphire back shows the FB.T.FC.R calibre. The tourbillon is surprisingly hidden behind the dial. The dial is made of nickel-silver, which has been vertically satin-brushed and then black-rhodium plated.

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