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Le Grand Bleu or The Big Blue, as it's called in English, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The film was first shown at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival. It has become a classic thanks to multiple television appearances, and Eric Serra's award-winning score.

The film is about two childhood friends Enzo (played Jean Reno) & Jacques (Jean Marc Barr), who have grown up to be world-famous free divers and compete against each other in order to dive the deepest. The film stars American actress Rosanna Arquette in the role Johanna. Together, they take the audience into the unknown.

The film was filmed over nine months, in various locations including Greece,Breitling Bentley Replica France Italy, Peru, New York, and Virgin Islands. On the Italian island Sicily we find Jean-Marc Barr who hasn't been back to this magical location since the film. Barr reflects on his love for Sicily. "The island is incredible. Not just Taormina but the entire island," he says. It is an architectural paradise and cultural treasure, but I did not know that at the time. The whole thing was very exotic, and I had a lot on my plate. I was not here to be a tourist. "The things I remember most are that I used to drive around with Rosanna on my scooter, have spaghetti and then come back."

Barr will be back in Sicily with Breitling Bentley Replica to retrace the steps he took for Le Grand Bleu. The company has strong ties to the cinema, having supported the Venice Film Festival. Barr will also be testing the Polaris sports watch by free diving in the same locations he did.

Barr was not an experienced diver at the time he accepted the role. "I used work on fishing boats in San Diego in California and you had to have a certificate of diving in case the anchor fell off. Someone would need to get the diving certificate if that happened. "I had a diving licence when I applied, and they asked me if I could do the job. I did, and was assigned to the person who threw the chum into the water in order to attract fish. Then, one day, the anchor broke and the people called me Jean-Marc. It was 45 meters below the surface and I hadn't dived more than 10 metres," he replica watches "Luckily, one of my crew members sensed that I had no experience in diving and helped me to descend. "It was the first time I'd ever dived, and when I met Luc I thought, like many actors, that you could do anything," he laughed.

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